In search of the European dimension of lexicography

Hass, Ulrike (2010)

Plenary Paper, held at the Fifth International Conference for Historical Lexicography and Lexicology, Oxford, St. Anns College, 16th – 18th June 2010.



"The subject of my lecture contains two huge and really expansive concepts or ideas: Europe and lexicography. Together they might bring me in trouble, but I brought this subject upon myself. And as they say: you’ve made your bed, now you must lie in it. I will try to describe in detail which aspects and which kind of factors might cover a European dimension of lexicography.

In the first part of my lecture I want to explain how the concepts of Europe and lexicography are connected with each other.

In the second and main part, several elements should be discussed which could be considered to constitute “Europeanness” with regard to knowledge representation.

In the last part of my lecture I will deal with the question whether lexicography is more European than national or more global than European or more national than anything else. [...]"

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