The Politics of Language: A Device of Creativity and Power in Margaret Atwood's Novel The Handmade's Tale

Twohig, Gabriele (1997)


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 1. Introduction
2. Margaret Atwood
3. Margaret Atwood´s concept of language, politics, power, and creativity
3.1 Language
3.2 Politics and power
3.3 Creativity
4. The Handmaid´s Tale
4.1 The politics of language in Gilead
4.1.1 The order of the State
4.1.2 Gilead´s language system
4.1.3 The position of the Handmaids
4.1.4 Everything "talks"
4.2 Offred: Power through creativity with language
4.2.1 Body talk
4.2.2 New codes
4.2.3 Playing with language: Being a creative non-victim Subjective - Objective Present view - Historic view Continuing - Conserving Conservative - Innovative
4.2.4 The need for a recipient
5. Conclusion